Transformative Research – The New Imperative in Science?

New Date: KFPE & SUDAC Annual Conference

7 May 2021

KFPE & SUDAC Annual Conference
KFPE & SUDAC Annual ConferenceBild: SUDAC

In response to the current situation the KFPE & SUDAC Conference had to be postponed. The new date for the conference is Friday, 7 May 2021. An adapted program as well as information on the venue and registration will soon be available.

We apologise for any inconveniences. Please contact the KFPE if you have any questions.

We are looking forward to welcome you to the conference in spring 2021.

Research shall contribute to transformations towards sustainable development. How does such research look like and what is needed to promote this kind of research? Will transformative research become the new normal or is it just a short-lived new fashion?

This conference brings together actors from academia, civil society, private sector, administration and politics to discuss the role of research for transformation. With presentations of examples of innovative transformative research partnerships and expectations from policy workers and practitioners we learn more about the potential but also challenges of transformative research. Together, we discuss how to implement, improve and promote transformative research.

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Englisch & German

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Registration will be open soon

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The programme for Spring 2021 might be changed

14.00Philippe Moreillon (President SCNAT)
Setting the Stage

Transforming science for sustainability transformations

Thomas Breu (President KFPE)

Getting Concrete
14.30The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation's (SDC) strategic orientation regarding research for development.

"Synergies between research and services for development at Swiss research institutions"

Jasmina Saric (Swiss TPH)


Examples of innovative transformative research approaches

  • Network for Water and Life (NEWAL) – insights from a cross-cultural research experience in West Africa Darcy Molnar & Students (SUDAC)
  • “Field Experience of South Pole” Hanspeter Egler (South Pole)
  • “Tech4Dev – Activating EPFL Technologies for Disruptive Development Cooperation” Hilda Liswani (EPFL)
15.45Coffee Break
Shaping the Future (Deutsch)

Podiumsdiskussion zur Rolle der Schweiz bei der Förderung von Gefässen für transformative Forschung für globale Nachhaltigkeit im und mit dem Globalen Süden.

  • Wissenschaft: Jürg Utzinger (Direktor SwissTPH)
  • Privatsektor: Hanspeter Egler (Direktor Public Affairs South Pole)
  • NGO: Melchior Lengsfeld (Geschäftsleiter Helvetas)
  • Weitere Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer aus Politik und Verwaltung
16.45Closing Remarks

Dr. Fabian Käser


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Registration will be open soon

Those who have already registered will be asked to confirm their registration.