Knowledge flows and co-production of knowledge: Climate change adaptation in rural areas in the Alps, the Andes and the Himalayas


Knowledge is crucial for climate change adaptation and it has been shown that adaptation strategies need to be based on different types of knowledge in order to be locally suitable, effective and overall sustainable. However, what role different types of knowledge as for example local knowledge as well as scientific knowledge play for adaptation processes, and how their interplay looks like is hardly understood. In a seed money project, we have clearly shown that for the creation of robust answers it is urgent to get a better understanding which knowledge is considered relevant by which actors in a given context.


The aim of this project currently being developed in detail is to understand and compare knowledge flows and the co-production of knowledge in the context of local adaptation to climate change of populations living near glaciers in the Andes, the Alps and the Himalayas. The insights will allow to improve the quality of processes of knowledge sharing as well as of intended co-production processes in a framework of adaption to climate change.

Expected Benefits

Co-production as well as knowledge sharing processes are crucial for the development of effective climate change adaptation strategies that are based on different types of knowledge. Such processes in Switzerland as well as the partner countries are substantial for practical adaptation projects, political negotiations as well as scientific and applied research and can substantially enhance the outcome of successful adaptation measures. The international partnerships at different levels in different sectors enhance and strengthen networks that open up access to new forms of (co-produced) knowledge. Lessons learnt will contribute to improved processes of cooperation in climate change adaptation but are closely linked to further topics relevant to the SDGs.

Contact information

Christine Jurt,, phone : +41 31 910 29 50

Bern University of Applied Sciences - School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL

Knowledge flows and co-production of knowledge
Knowledge flows and co-production of knowledge

Partner countries: Peru, Nepal, Switzerland, Chile

Research Partners: BFH-HAFL School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences, ETH Zürich USYS TdLab, Universidad de Chile, Universidad Nacional José María Arguedas UNAJMA.

Cost: CHF 750’000.-

Duration: 3 years