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How to bring evidence from research into policy? Lessons from five global public health projects

In public health, evidence generated by research can form the basis of effective new laws, regulations and standards. For a variety of reasons, research evidence is often unable to reach policy-makers, regulators and practitioners. Findings from in-depth interviews with researchers from five public health projects in low- and middle-income countries provide insights into different strategies that facilitate collaboration and communication between stakeholders, including policy-makers and practitioners.

How to bring evidence from research into policy? Lessons from five global public health projects

General information


  • Marta Palmeirim, PhD, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, marta.palmeirim@swisstph.ch
  • Helen Prytherch, PhD MPH, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, helen.prytherch@swisstph.ch
  • Kaspar Wyss, Prof. PhD, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute, kaspar.wyss@swisstph.ch

Links to projects analysed

Improving the HIV care cascade in Lesotho: Towards 90-90-90 – A research collaboration with the Ministry of Health: www.r4d.ch/modules/thematically-open-research/hiv-care-cascade

Health systems governance for an inclusive and sustainable social health protection in Ghana and Tanzania: www.r4d.ch/modules/public-health/health-systems-governance

Health impact assessment for engaging natural resource extraction projects in sustainable development in producer regions (HIA4SD): www.r4d.ch/modules/public-health/health-impact-assessment

Intercultural transdisciplinarity in Guatemala and Peru: A North-South-South learning platform for culturally pertinent public health provision systems for indigenous populations:

Addressing the double burden of disease: Improving health systems for non-communicable and neglected tropical diseases: www.r4d.ch/modules/public-health/addressing-double-burden-disease