Databases of Research Institutions

KFPE and IGS North-South Research Partner Institutions

This database contains research institutions that are participating, or have participated, in transboundary research partnerships between Swiss research institutions and their counterparts in countries of the global South and East. It is intended as a resource for researchers who are looking for suitable research partner institutions or wish to locate institutions from whom they can obtain specific information or expertise.

Sorry, the database is under construction.

Research InfoSystem

The Research InfoSystem contains information about Persons, Research Programs, Organisations and Commissions, as well as Publications and Projects of Swiss Scientists.

Research InfoSystem

Data and Documentation by SNSF

In the P3 database the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) makes available data on the projects, people and publications that it has supported, as part of its mandate to inform the public about its research funding activities. Grant holders are responsible for the data content that they supply to the SNSF.

There you also find a section​ Collaborations per Country

Scientific collaborations of the funded research groups within projects (Project funding, Sinergia, NRP, SNSF professorships, Ambizione and MHV grants) since 2011, as reported at the end of the project.

Swiss - African Research Cooperation (SARECO)

The – database lists research institutions in Switzerland and African countries who have been participating in the bilateral research programme initiated by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) in 2007.

Environmental research groups in Switzerland

database by the Federal office on the environment (FOEN). (in four languages)