SUDAC DEAR MENA Small Grant Programme

The SUDAC CLOC DEAR MENA has launched a small grant program with an extended submission deadline of September 30th 2021.

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To achieve the CLOC objectives with the aim of encouraging the collaboration between Swiss and MENA partners and for extending the partnership to other Swiss and MENA institutions, a Grant program is proposed.

The Grant program supports the promotion of SDGs in MENA region in the fields of “Digital Education and Research” in one of the following forms:

A) An activity involving interdisciplinary engagement to promote SDGs in the MENA region, in the form of a:

  • Interdisciplinary programs and studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Explorative and scoping studies
  • Meta-analysis

B) An activity on available research results and based on the conversion of academic research outputs into tools and strategies that supports digital education and research in the thematic focuses of engineering, peacebuilding, gender & diversity and public governance:

  • Teaching materials and online resources
  • Web-based collaborative infrastructures and tools for education and research purposes
  • Proof of concept or prototype feasibility studies
  • Skills building Workshops or blended research in a CLOC MENA thematic focus areas

Eligibility to Apply

Teams from all countries of the MENA region and Switzerland are eligible to apply.

The team members can be professors, Master students, Young PhDs and Post-Docs, Research teams, NGOs or Communities of practice. Relevant experience will be evaluated to award the grant.

Two requirements for the team composition:

At least, one of the partners must be one of our Swiss partners
At least, one of the partners must be from MENA region

Grant funding

The maximum amount that may be requested is CHF 80’000 per project. 60% of the funding received per project is allocated to the Swiss institutions and 40% is allocated to MENA institutions. The allocation 60/40 is due to Swiss regulation on public funds.

By accepting the SERI contributions, Swiss participating institutions agree to provide the amount of contributions received, in matching funds. These funds can be split in 50% virtual money and 50% real money contributions.

Submission Deadline

15 September 2021

Notification of Results

1 November 2021

For more information

  • visit the website
  • contact Prof. Dr. Fariba Moghaddam (


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  • International cooperation