Movetia: International Classrooms

The International Classroom programme facilitates reciprocal class exchanges between classes at Swiss and non-European lower and upper secondary schools. The intercultural exchange encourages the pupils in the project-orientated work and gives them insights into other systems of education and family structures.

Movetia International Classroom

School pupils should learn increasingly in an independent, project-oriented and IT-supported way. Besides subject-related abilities and social skills, multilingualism, flexibility of thought and action and an understanding of other cultures, ways of thinking and patterns of behaviour (intercultural skills) contribute to the employability of the young people. Through its project-based and digital working methods and the reciprocal visits of the classes, the “International Classroom” makes these experiences possible.

Who can take part?

All lower and upper secondary swiss schools (baccalaureate grammar schools, schools providing general education, specialist vocational schools) are eligible to take part. Foreign schools may not be based in a country eligible for the Swiss Programme for Erasmus+.

Who can submit an application?

Teachers and principals from Swiss schools.

Submitting a project: procedure

A Swiss school and a school from a non-European country are setting up a project that will be carried out throughout the school year with two groups of up to 20 pupils. The theme of the project is ideally chosen by the participating pupils. The "International Classroom" programme helps to finance digital encounters and a reciprocal visit (optional), so that the pupils can work on the chosen themes in greater depth with their exchange partners.Flat-rate contributions are arranged to fund projects.

Further information and Submission


  • High School II
  • Scientific exchange and networking