SNIS Call for Projects 2022

The call offers project grants for pluri-disciplinary teams working on international studies. Application deadline is 20 January 2022.


The SNIS supports pluri-disciplinary projects in the social sciences and pluri-disciplinary projects that combine natural and social sciences. The SNIS does not support pluri-disciplinary projects that only consist of natural sciences. The SNIS does not fund individual grants, i.e., career grants.

  1. Projects must run for two years, and funding can range from 100’000 to 300’000 Swiss francs.
  2. Coordinator must be anchored in a qualifying hosting institution
  3. Project teams submit a short version of their project. A pre-proposal should outline a research gap, identify ensuing research question(s) and detail all collaboration partners.
  4. Selected projects should integrate the feedback received by the SNIS Scientific Committee, expand and enhance their project proposal as well as solidify their partnerships.
  5. Full proposals consist of an in-debt description of the project and its associated work-packages, detailed financial information as well as written collaboration commitments.

There are two thematic branches of the call, but there is no quota for either branch, i.e., applicants have no statistical advantage when submitting to either branch:

  • The general Call: in any area of International Studies as defined above;
  • Theme 2022: defined by the SNIS International Geneva Committee: ‘The role of data in achieving the SDGs, in the context of a post-pandemic recovery’

The following questions (non-exhaustive list) might be addressed:

  • How do inequalities manifest themselves in the data landscape, and how can the use of data help to track and address inequalities that exist in different dimensions of sustainable development?
  • What data are lacking that would help address inequality in post-Covid recovery?How to find the balance between data collection and privacy to accelerate the achievement of SDGs?
  • How can data help address the biodiversity crisis?
  • How can the public and private sectors and individuals better benefit from each other’s’ data in view of advancing the SDGs?

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