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Velux Stiftung: Call for Ophthalmology Research in LMICs

Call for interdisciplinary biomedical research projects and institutional research capacity building projects in LMICs. Apply before 07 May 2023.

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Velux Stiftung is convinced that developing and strengthening research capacity for biomedical ophthalmology research in LMICs according to the local needs will enable independent, research in a sustainable manner. This will in turn empower LMICs to address local challenges and develop adapted solutions. Capacity building for research is therefore a central aspect in the program.

The call for proposals 2023 at a glance:

Thematic focus:

  • Institutional research capacity strengthening projects: projects aiming at sustainably building, developing, or reinforcing institutional structures enabling biomedical/clinical ophthalmology research in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).
  • Interdisciplinary biomedical research projects in ophthalmology aiming to develop and validate new diagnostic, prevention, or treatment methods for eye diseases adapted to the local context and environment of LMICs. Such projects must also contribute to some extent to strengthen research capacities of the institutions in LMICs.
  • Note that projects with a higher share of institutional research capacity strengthening aspects will be prioritized in the project assessments.

Duration of the projects: 1 to 4 years.

Scale of funding: from CHF 50’000 to CHF 100’000 per year, for one to four years, with at least 50% of the funding to be used in LMICs.

Partnerships: Consortia of research groups with at least one partner based in a LMIC are invited to apply. The involvement of a Swiss partner in the consortium is welcome. A partner in a high-income country is however not mandatory. Most of the research should take place in one or several LMICs. To enhance knowledge transfer, at least one PI or co-PI has to be an established (R3) or leading researcher (R4) in ophthalmology according to the European Framework for research careers.

Deadline: May 07, 2023

Final decision: November 2023

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