The KFPE is the information hub for global research partnerships in Switzerland. It promotes efficient, effective, and equitable research cooperation with low- and middle-income countries. By doing so, the KFPE contributes to sustainable development and to solving local and global problems.more

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KFPE & SUDAC Conference 2022

Swiss North-South Collaboration in research and education: A sustainable model for the future

SUDAC & KFPE Conference
SUDAC & KFPE Conference

The Annual Conference 2022 consists of two parts:

Conference in Bern

June 3, 2022 13:00-17:00

Hybrid: Eventforum Bern, Fabrikstrasse 12, Bern & online stream

At the conference we discuss the future of North-South collaboration in research and education. The conference is organised by swissuniversities Development and Cooperation Network (SUDAC) and the Swiss Commission for Research Partnerships with developing countries (KFPE).


Workshop Series

16 May - 14 June, online

In collaboration with the r4d programme, the annual conference includes a series of attractive online workshops to foster exchange and link researches from different funding programs: