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Rethinking and Navigating Equitable Partnerships for Impactful Funding Models: Lessons and Insights from 5 Continents


14:00 - 15:30

Organizers: Dr. Zenebe Uraguchi and Dr. Brigitte Kürsteiner (HAFL Hugo P. Cecchini Institute, Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH)

Workshop Dr. Zenebe Uraguchi and Dr. Brigitte Kürsteiner

Participating countries and partners:

  • Middle East, Lebanon: American University of Beirut
  • Eastern Europe, Georgia: International School of Economics (ISET), Tbilisi State University
  • Latin America, Honduras/Peru: Zamorano Pan-American Agricultural School/La Molina National Agrarian University
  • Asia, Bangladesh: Bangladesh Agricultural University
  • Africa, Ghana/Kenya: University of Ghana/Kenyatta University

The landscape of partnerships and funding has shifted beyond the traditional binary framework of "Global North-Global South" collaboration. This evolution reflects changes in funding sources and a broader spectrum of partnership models, driven by technology, geopolitical shifts, economic fluctuations, and evolving priorities among stakeholders. Alongside the "Global North-Global South" partnerships, the funding landscape has seen the growing involvement of emerging donors such as China, India, Brazil, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and others. With governments' austerity measures, the shift has also witnessed the increased role of private sector entities in research and development.

Using the experiences and insights of 5 research and academic institutions from 5 continents, this workshop proposal seeks to (1) gain a nuanced understanding of the complex dynamics of sustainable and equitable partnerships and funding modalities; (2) bring and highlight insights and actionable ideas for fostering equitable and sustainable partnerships in the realm of impactful funding models, drawing upon diverse experiences and perspectives from across five continents; (3) look back at existing experiences but also propose forward-looking ideas/solutions. The proposed workshop uses a “collaborative innovation” format to bring multiple partners on the topic of partnership and funding models to exchange ideas, co-create solutions, and foster collaborations for positive change.

The guiding questions include: What are the current ways funding is set up globally/regionally/nationally, and what are the main issues and opportunities for promoting equity? What key constraints exist, and what better solutions work in building equitable and sustainable partnerships and funding models? As research is interest-driven, can there ever be "equality" among partners in general? How can partners work together to create equitable partnerships, and design and carry out funding models, based on key lessons?

Please register for the workshop at least 5 days before the workshop starts.


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Languages: English