Call: CSRS - Eremitage Fund Prize for Scientific Research in Partnership

The prize honours researchers for the excellence of their contribution to scientific research pursued in partnership between scientific institutions in the North and in Côte d'Ivoire and/or in other countries of West Africa.

CSRS 2021 Prize Ermitage Fund

The prize is awarded for high-quality research that has led to important peer-reviewed publications and/or innovative applications.

Projects in the natural and biomedical sciences as well as in the humanities, social sciences or economics will be considered in the following areas that can be treated in a transdisciplinary manner:

o Biodiversity and behavioural ecology
o Food safety and nutrition
o Human and animal health
o Urban environment and public health
o Climate change and living environments o Governance, mobility, risks and conflicts

The prize is set at CHF 15,000 (fifteen thousand Swiss francs) for a team of at least two North-South or South-South researchers. The decision will be communicated early enough to allow the laureates to attend the award ceremony at CSRS.

Candidates may be scientists recognized for the excellence of their scientific contributions in Côte d'Ivoire and/or West Africa and for their commitment to North-South or South-South partnerships. Applicants must be principal investigators of the project and have been actively involved in its design as well as in the execution of the research and the implementation of the results. They must have demonstrated analytical and methodological skills as well as fieldwork capabilities and have published in internationally recognized journals in their field.

The deadline for submission of nominations for the 11th Prize, to be awarded in 2021, is June 15, 2021.


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