Call for abstracts “Our Commons Future”

18th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons


The organizers of the XVIIIth Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons welcome abstracts for contributions to the conference to be held online during various weeks in 2021. With the theme of the conference, “Our Commons Future”, IASC intends to bring together commons scholars from a diverse set of application domains to address future governance challenges from the local to global scale. This conference will provide opportunities to connect academic research with practitioners’ experience and vice versa.

Due to the consequences of COVID-19 it is not possilbe to organize an in-person international conference in 2021, but IASC is offering a series of virtual events to bring people together. IASC is organizing 9 short topical conferences between February and September where you can present individual talks, special sessions, webinar panels and more.

Important dates:

Commons in Space: February 24-26 (submit abstracts by January 15)
Fisheries and Aquaculture Commons: March 9-11 (submit abstracts by Jan 26)
Commoning the Anthropocene: April 21-23 (submit abstracts by February 26)
Urban Commons: May 6-8, (submit abstracts by March 27)
Polycentric Governance: May 17-19 (submit abstracts by March 3)
Water Commons: May 19-21 (submit abstracts by March 5)
Knowledge Commons: June 9-11 (submit abstracts by May 1)
Forest Commons: September 13-17 (submit abstracts early August)
Land Commons: September 13-17 (submit abstracts early August)
General meeting: October 11-15 (submit abstracts by September 1)

Visit the conference website where you can learn about the details of the various conferences in 2021.

IASC would like to make the conferences widely accessible and therefore seeks Sponsors to fund waivers for colleagues from the global south and students in general. If you are interested in sponsoring one of the events, check out the websites, and contact the IASC 2021 conference chair Marco Janssen to discuss the opportunities available.

Questions? Get in touch with the conference organizers:


  • Applied research
  • Scientific exchange and networking