The KFPE is the information hub for global research partnerships in Switzerland. It promotes efficient, effective, and equitable research cooperation with low- and middle-income countries. By doing so, the KFPE contributes to sustainable development and to solving local and global problems.more

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Shifting Paradigms in Research – Building Equitable Academic Partnerships

Fire Side Chat at the Indo-German Research Day 2024

Indo-German Research Day

In the fireside chat, Rajesh Tandon and Fabian Käser discussed and questioned the conventional practices in international research cooperation between developed and developing countries. Acknowledging historical imbalances and systemic biases central to the discussion is an outlook on the future of international research collaboration. How do we ensure that partnerships are built on principles of equity, mutual respect, and shared benefit? What strategies can be employed to foster genuine equitable collaboration? How can we ensure that knowledge production from the global south is valued?


  • Rajesh Tandon, founding president of the PRIA
  • Fabian Käser, head of the KFPE


  • Katja Lasch, director DAAD regional office & German Center for Research and Innovation New Delhi
Shifting Paradigms in Research – Building Equitable Academic Partnerships