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Measures for researchers from Ukraine

The SNSF is providing nine million francs for measures at Swiss universities in connection with the war in Ukraine.

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Flexibility for ongoing projects and doctoral studies

Project extensions
If a research project might experience delays because of the war in Ukraine, a re-quest for an extension of up to 12 months can be made. This also applies if team members have to postpone their work so as to be able to help people close to them who are affected by the war.

Doctoral studies
Doctoral students whose work might be delayed because of the war in Ukraine can apply for an extension of up to 12 months beyond the usual four years of SNSF funding for doctoral studies.

Situation in Russia
If an advanced research project or doctorate is progressing less quickly than planned due to the situation in Russia and Belarus, an extension of up to 12 months may be requested.

Additional contributions for employing researchers from Ukraine

If you are hiring or intending to hire researchers from Ukraine as members of your team for an SNSF-funded project, you can request additional funding to cover their salaries for up to 12 months. Note that the usual SNSF salary brackets apply (also for doctoral students). With this measure, the SNSF aims to support researchers from Ukraine who are directly affected by the war.

Several million for Scholars at Risk

The SNSF is providing several million francs to enable universities to host a first wave of researchers from Ukraine in collaboration with Scholars at Risk Switzerland. This will allow them to pursue their academic work at institutions in Switzerland. Additional sums may be allocated if the need arises.

If you are seeking support through Scholars at Risk, please contact the Swiss or European university relevant to you directly. The SNSF is providing additional funding for this cause but is not directly in-volved in the process.