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Science & Innovation Summit – Latin America 2022


University of St.Gallen

This multidisciplinary networking event will include research talks, panel discussions and world cafés to deep dive into the most pressing issues in the region. We will convene leading and emerging experts from across Switzerland, Europe, and Latin America, drawing on a range of disciplines, including Life Sciences, Engineering, Maths, Art, Humanities, and Business.

Latin America Science and Innovation summit 2022

The Leading House network will present the state of the art and funding instruments as well as showcase Swiss institutions that work together to foster science and innovation in Latin America. Topics during these two days will include: digital transformation, STEM (gender and equality), academic diasporas and brain drain, startups and new technologies, sustainability and ecoinnovation as well as trends towards circular economy, urban labs and smart cities. We hope to see you there!

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Languages: English, Spanish