The KFPE is the information hub for global research partnerships in Switzerland. It promotes efficient, effective, and equitable research cooperation with low- and middle-income countries. By doing so, the KFPE contributes to sustainable development and to solving local and global problems.more

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The proposed project aims to develop tailor-made training concepts and support sustainable development in Chadian cities and villages. ->> Budget: CHF 100'000.-

This project on digital education infrastructure shall develop and implement blended learning projects in selected countries and create and facilitate innovative formats in the peacebuilding field such as the CyberMediation and national dialogue support structures. ->> Budget: CHF 36 Mio

The goal of this project is to foster knowledge transfer and joint research activities in the domain of water, sanitation and hygiene, through a multi-stakeholder partnership between Swiss institutions with expertise in engineering, education and public health and African academic institutions. ->> Budget: CHF 4 Mio

The aim of this project is to adapt established participatory methods from Swiss communities to the needs of rural and mountain communities in low- and middle-income countries to achieve sustainable development locally. ->> Budget: CHF 250'000.-

This project aims to develop the existing links between University of Zurich and Makerere University Uganda into a more sustainable, strategic partnership allowing for joint research priorities as well as training and exchange of junior researchers. ->> Budget: CHF 700'000.-

The proposed scheme aims to increase the skills of early-career scientists from low- and middle-income countries by offering a fellowship program at pharmaceutical companies located in Switzerland, while providing an opportunity for the Swiss hosts to obtain perspectives on healthcare challenges in LMICs. ->> Budget: CHF 15 Mio

The proposed work aims to help breaking the cycle of perpetuated marginalization in Serbia and other countries in transition, by identifying suitable interventions in education and providing strategies and tools to realize an improved teacher professionalism in dealing with social diversity. ->> Budget: CHF 400'000.-

Our vision is to create new models for collaborative research, teaching and learning with institutions, scholars and students in Africa. The ultimate aim is to jointly develop analytical frameworks in the social sciences and humanities (SSH) that allow for a better understanding of socio-economic change and the production of policy relevant knowledge in various policy fields. ->> Budget: CHF 2.5 Mio.

This project aims to investigate the longer-term effects of an ongoing intervention that offers enhanced access to vocational training and the labor market for young people from marginalized groups in Albania on the young people involved and their families. ->>Budget: CHF 800'000.-

This project aims to build the evidence base for the design, integration and the effective use of intelligent mobile technologies to train and educate massive cohorts of frontline health workers in low-income countries. ->> Budget: CHF 18 Mio

We seek to develop and implement dedicated joint teaching and research programs on climate change adaptation and to introduce new approaches to put research into value for practice and development. ->> Budget: CHF 880'000.-

This project aims to establish, review and institutionalize sustainability-promoting university education and research structures in three regions of the global South to train future leaders in sustainable development. ->> Budget: CHF 20 Mio