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Doing research in conflict and authoritarian contexts


12:15 - 13:45

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Workshop Series: 2022 Annual Conference

Conflict Sensitive

By Ursina Bentele

Doing research in conflict contexts is crucial in order to contribute to peace and sustainable development. However, researchers face particular challenges in conflict-affected and authoritarian contexts. Regardless of subject matter and methodology, research is always part of the context in which it takes place. Conflict sensitive research helps to understand the interaction of research with multiple layers of overt or latent conflicts. The interaction of research and conflict context effects what is being researched, how research is carried out, and the knowledge that is thus produced. The conflict sensitivity approach to research, informed by researchers and peacebuilding practitioners and developed by swisspeace and KFPE, indicates strategies to navigate sensitive questions, ethical dilemmas and security issues.

In this workshop, we provide insights into the methodology of conflict sensitive research, how it can be used to operationalize research ethics and provide space to exchange experiences and challenges when producing knowledge in conflict-affected contexts. This workshop is targeted to everyone working on knowledge production: researchers, practitioners and donors.

Two researchers will share their experiences with doing research in conflict-affected contexts:

  • Dr. Kuyang Logo, independent consultant and lecturer (University of Juba) working on democratic governance, access to justice and the Rule of Law. She has published on knowledge production and transitional justice, International Humanitarian Law, customary law and gender issues.
  • Julia Wartmann, PhD candidate, working on gender equality in conflict- afflicted areas (University of Basel).

Would you like to present a spotlight on your research, how you navigated challenges related to conflict? Then, please get in touch with Ursina Bentele,

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