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Decolonising South-North research collaboration


14:00 - 16:00

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Workshop Series: 2022 Annual Conference


By O. Ravaka Andriamihaja, Jenia Mukherjee, Cajetan Amadi and Pia Hollenbach

Global issues need North-South research collaboration to make intended impacts. In order to continue strengthening South-North research collaboration, persistent challenges related to (de)colonisation for South-North research collaboration need to be identified. This workshop is an opportunity to understand these challenges, define a decolonized North-South research collaboration, and transform relations, power structures, principles, and practices.

Our workshop seeks to identify (de)colonization-related challenges in North-South research collaboration, to work on a common working definition of decolonized North-South research collaboration; and to reflect on opportunities and pathways to decolonization. The workshop includes an informative introduction with panelists, group and plenary discussions. Our panelists will be composed by scholars with experience in South-North research collaboration, “brilliant failures” of research partnerships, multi-national funding schemes, and decolonization. Attendees are encouraged to reflect and share experiences related to their position in research collaboration.

If you would like to present an experience related to your position in research collaboration at the workshop, please get in touch with O. Ravaka Andriamihaja,, before 3 June.

Registration: Please register for the workshop before June 10.