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Global Pandemic and Global North South Divide : Issues and Policy Alternatives


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Workshop Series: 2022 Annual Conference

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By Luke Amadi

This workshop seeks to explore current and emerging trends in global North/ South divide in the era of global pandemic. The workshop offers some conceptual ideas and practical lessons on how to engage with more inclusive voices and perspectives in understanding and addressing the impacts of the pandemic. It brings together key themes, and insights on gaps and inequalities arising from the global pandemic among the global North and South. The workshop pays particular attention to the centrality of inequality in the era of global pandemic. It also explores potential ideas and approaches for advancing research and practices on a more equitable and inclusive order. It aims to identify on- the- ground evidence and addresses the question regarding how the pandemic has exacerbated global divide among the North and the South and proffers possible alternative approaches to overcome such asymmetries. It does this with an understanding of the various ways the pandemic has exacerbated vulnerability, exclusion and marginalization of the poor countries of the south, which have been in the margins of research in post pandemic recovery in the global South. We seek to understand how research could help unravel global North/South divide and in particular, deepen the understanding of these constraints for policy response. We argue that while the pandemic is still frequently characterized as a health crisis, it is in fact multi-dimensional. The workshop is situated around case examples, experiences recently shared by groups in local and international dialogues on the pandemic that include social workers, health based NGOs working in development contexts; engagement and dialogue with community and faith -based organizations. The findings suggest increasing gaps, which is of interest to researchers and policy makers interested in bridging such development gaps. In the alternative, it discusses the importance of bridging development gaps in an emerging pandemic for inclusive development. Further offers some implications on how researchers can help bridge global North/South gaps for sustainable development, suggesting possible ways that could be more inclusive.

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