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Edit Wikipedia

Learn to share your research on Wikipedia and contribute to a more balanced encyclopedia

Workshop with follow-up sessions and closing event

Kick-off Workshop: 2 May 2022 16-18h CEST
Follow-up session I: 16 May 2022 12.15 CEST
Follow-up session II: 13 June 2022 12.15 CEST
Follow-up session III: 15 August 2022 12.15 CEST
Closing Event: 24 October 2022 16-18h CEST
all events are online

Wikipedia is one of the most commonly visited websites in the world. Beside YouTube it is the most popular source of information on scientific topics. However, there is comparatively little information on topics in the Global South or on perspectives of the Global South. Help us to improve and balance Wikipedia by sharing your research and knowledge on the platform and thus reaching a broader public. With this course, we support you to write your own Wikipedia article or to improve existing articles.

During a first online workshop on 2 May 2022 you gain insights from ‘Wikipedians’ in how Wikipedia works behind the scenes. You learn how different topics and controversies are discussed and how articles are developed. At the end of the workshop you have the basic knowledge and tools to edit articles on the online encyclopedia and you are ready to create your own novel articles about topics of your research.

Following the workshop, we support you to write your own article. In several online follow-up sessions that will be held in June, September and October you can ask questions and we share our experiences on writing Wikipedia articles. The responsible for the workshop support you in case of insecurities and questions. But even outside the official meetings you can ask them for advice.

On an online closing event in November we present all the articles we have created and edited. The closing event will also be a chance to exchange best practices and connect for future cooperation.

This course is for researchers at all stages of their career and we especially encourage researchers from the Global South to participate at our workshop. The course is fully online and free of charge.

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