La KFPE è il punto d’informazione centrale per la ricerca globale in Svizzera. S’impegna per una collaborazione di ricerca efficiente ed efficace su un piano di parità con paesi in via di sviluppo e in fase di transizione. Così contribuisce allo sviluppo duraturo e alla soluzione di problemi locali e globali.di più

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Annual Conference 2024

Annual Conference 2024
Annual Conference 2024

Sustainable, equitable partnerships in North-South collaboration - Lessons learned for future funding models

SUDAC & KFPE Annual Conference 2024

Conference in Bern

Friday, 31st May 2024
PROGR Bern, Switzerland & online

The aim of the event was to reflect on the state of current funding models for North-South collaboration in research and education, to discuss best practices for achieving equal partnerships and to explore possible designs for future funding instruments. The conference featured keynote speakers, workshops and a panel discussion at the end.

Check out the programm to learn more about the past conference in Bern.

Online Workshop Series

May 15 - June 19

As part of the conference, we host a series of online workshops. The aim of these workshops is to foster the exchange and discuss ideas how to promot sustainable, equitable partnerships. We invited researchers, project coordinators, students as well as practitioners from development cooperation and business to submit their workshop ideas.

Check out the programm of the online workshops and register for the workshops you would like to participate.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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