Panel discussion on the future of sustainable natural resource governance


14:00 - 15:00

On Friday February 26th 2PM CET ETH-​​NADEL holds a public panel in collaboration with the Natural Resource Governance Institute NRGI on the future of sustainable natural resource governance.

The future of sustainable natural resoruce governance

Resource-​​dependent developing countries face staggering challenges in the COVID-​​19 era. The global pandemic sent prices for oil, gas and minerals to critically low levels and poverty rates to new heights. In the situation of an acute socio-​​economic crisis, with extractive companies holding back investments, and the transition to a low-​​carbon future curbing demand for fossil fuel, resource producing economies have to make difficult decision. The risk that governance standards fall by the wayside and achievements in accountability and transparency will be rolled back is real.

Nadel and NRGI cordially invite you to discuss these topics with experts from two stakeholder groups that both play an important role in resource governance but – to date – rarely work together: civil society and investors.

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Lingue: Inglese