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Choosing the Right Projects

Designing Selection Processes for North-South Research Partnership Programmes

The aim of present publication is to help design, revise, and implement project selection processes in North-South research partnership (NSRP) programmes. In particular, it addresses the complex challenge of dealing with the multiple objectives of NSRP programmes: scientific quality, development relevance, and adherence to partnership principles.

Choosing the Right Projects

The Manual shows how to involve actors from different areas and with different backgrounds, how to translate the various objectives of NSRP programmes into a coherent and meaningfully structured set of selection criteria, how to weight these criteria, collect relevant information from different sources, apply a formal methodology to sorting, processing, synthesising, and comparing the information collected, and how to genuinely incorporate the perspective of the South at various steps of the selection process. Its modular structure makes it possible to either integrate individual steps into an existing selection process or to completely rethink a process and redefine it.

The study was conducted in colaboration with
Institute for International Cooperation in Education, Zug
The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
The Swiss National Science Foundation

Autori: Prof. Dr. Sabina Larcher
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