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'Knowledge to action for SDGs: Examples in the South Asian context'


09:00 - 10:30

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Workshop Series: 2022 Annual Conference

Workshop Series

By Taenaz Shakir (Coordinator K2A CLOC)

The workshop will demonstrate how academic knowledge can be converted to formats that are useful for SDG actors to promote SDGs in South Asia in the domain of ecological sustainability and social well-being. The K2A (Knowledge to Action) network funded by SUDAC aims to bridge the gap between scientific researchers and on the ground SDG actors such as policy makers, community workers, activists, journalists and educators. One of the flagship programs of the K2A network is to provide small grants to researchers and teams that would like to convert available research results into formats that supports awareness, advocacy and transformation, such as: Policy briefs, teaching material, seed-money to develop social business models, prototypes, workshops or blending research into popular media formats like websites, comics and documentary films. In the workshop, previous K2A small grant winners will be sharing their experience and rationale of converting the academic research results and present the final outputs. The workshop is especially relevant since SDGs must be interpreted locally in the geographies considered to incorporate historical and social contexts and practices that are reflected in the chosen formats of conversion and will contribute to give concrete examples of what ‘action’ to promote SDGs mean.

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