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SDC / NADEL Impact Award - Closing Webinar



On February 2 SDC and NADEL will host a closing webinar to present the results of the final round of Impact Award winners and share experiences with impact evaluations.

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Conducting impact evaluations is vital for development cooperation as it allows organizations and governments to assess the effectiveness of their programs and interventions. This information can then be utilized to make informed decisions about resource allocation and the design of future projects or modification of existing ones. In addition, impact evaluations promote transparency and accountability to stakeholders and donors by providing evidence of the results of their investments.

In 2015, ETH NADEL and SDC created the Impact Award to encourage the use of impact evaluations among Swiss NGOs for evidence-​based policy making and to foster collaboration between Swiss NGOs and universities. The award, which has been presented seven times across various themes, has been made possible by financial contributions from SDC and technical support from NADEL.

The award has sparked broad interest in impact evaluations and has generated valuable insights. The project is now coming to an end, offering a new opportunity for exchange. A closing event will be held in February 2023 where NADEL and SDC will share experiences and present findings from the last round of award winners, which includes projects such as a vocational education and training program in Colombia, the Bee Better project in Burkina Faso, and the Sutio Skifaka project in Madagascar.

NADEL and SDC welcome you to join us for the event on February 2 2023, 2-3:30 pm CET to share your views, challenges and opportunities on impact evaluations.