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Call for Panels: IASC Conference 2023

The Call for Panels for the XIX Biennial IASC Conference 2023 is now open. The IASC has been shaping the debate on alternative development pathways by way of putting the commons at center stage. In times of profound crises, we have seen states being caught up in emergency mode. This unfolds, among others, in a tendency to respond within national borders, and it has brought the importance of building genuine resilience that leaves no one behind.

IASC Conference 2023, Nairobi

Aims and scope of the Call

The conference organisers want to stress the topic of a participatory definition of the commons in different contexts and to raise awareness of the long history of colonialization and globalization processes influencing today’s commons and commoners. At the same time, today’s challenges demand more conducive thinking on collective action in the future at different levels and scales. These reflections have led to the following 11 sub-themes for Panels on global issues, whose detailed description can be viewed on the website:

Conference Themes

  • Our common SDGs?
  • Commons towards urban transformation
  • Indigenous peoples and globalisation
  • Commons between colonial legacies and the Anthropocene
  • Modelling and multi-methods approaches in polycentric commons systems
  • The drama of the grabbed commons
  • Global health commons between pandemics and glocal health
  • Opportunities and challenges of digital commons
  • Conservation, environmental justice, and the commons
  • Local institution building and radical futures for the commons
  • Advances in Frameworks and Theory