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3rdEuropean Students' Conference in African Studies


University of Basel

The goal of the 3rd European Students’ Conference on African Studies is to bring together Masters’ students studying and researching Africa at European universities, fostering a network and exchange among the student bodies at these institutions. It aims to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation, offering a platform for emerging scholars to share insights, challenge conventional boundaries, and delve into Africa's significance on the global stage.

3rd European Students' Conference on African Studies

We invite Masters’ students and recent graduates from all disciplines to present their ongoing Masters’ projects or recently completed Masters’ theses, or other projects related to African Studies. From cultural heritage to economic innovations, from political dynamics to sustainable development, from legal studies to information technology – this conference encourages interdisciplinary dialogues and critical examination of the past, present and future of African Studies in Europe.

By exploring various perspectives and approaches, we aim at addressing current challenges and contributing to a deeper understanding of African Studies, its significance in the global context, and its contribution to the disciplines. Whether your research focuses on history, global health, literature, development, arts, or any other field in the humanities, social and natural sciences, and beyond - the student’s conference provides you with a platform for engaging in critical discussions, meaningful exchange of ideas, and widening your personal network. Join us as we embark on a journey to better understand the complexities of African Studies in Europe (and beyond).