An account of Uzbek-Swiss cooperation in R&D

A cooperation between Uzbek and Swiss professors on climate change, water, medicine and tourism started in 2017 on the initiative of Olimjon Saidmamatov. Over the years it evolved successfully and produced various outputs.

Uzbek-Swiss cooperation

An account by Olimjon Saidmamatov

Researcher at the Faculty of Tourism and Economics at the Urgench State University, Uzbekistan.

The partnership idea was developed by Olimjon Saidmamatov, lecturer with research interests on interdisciplinary sciences: agriculture, water, climate change, tourism, sustainable development and medicine.

  • REPIC project “Biogas from Agricultural Waste in the Aral Sea Basin” was the first project of Mr.Saidmamatov that nurtured Swiss experience into the agriculture and renewable energy sector of Aral Sea region of Uzbekistan. The project [2016-2019] conducted feasibility assessment to the biogas industry in Khorezm region of Uzbekistan. With supervision of prof.Urs Baier (ZHAW), scientific findings were later published at the Processes journal in 2021.
  • Mr.Saidmamatov is providing live interpretation at surgeries. After learning medical terminologies, he became convenient in this volunteership. Together with Dr.Kudrat Jumaniyazov, associate professor at Urgench branch of Tashkent Medical Academy, Olimjon Saidmamatov started cooperation with Geneva and Fribourg based doctor – Prof. Attila Major. So far, over 40 joint surgeries were conducted in Urgench.
    The team secured small grant from ESTHER foundation to increase the capacity of local gynecology doctors on applying spinal anesthesia practices. The project helped to organize an International Conference at the Medical Academy and it is broadcasted in local TV.
    In collaboration with Dr.Shahnoza Yusupova, researcher at Urgench branch of Tashkent Medical Academy, the team was able to publish two research papers at academic journals:
    “Laparoscopy in Gynecologic and Abdominal Surgery in Regional (Spinal, Peridural) Anesthesia, the Utility of the Technique during COVID-19 Pandemic” at Medicines journal
    “Removal of a Giant Cyst of the Left Ovary from a Pregnant Woman in the First Trimester by Laparoscopic Surgery under Spinal Anesthesia during the COVID-19 Pandemic” at Medical Sciences journal

  • In 2019, Mr.Saidmamatov secured a grant project from Swiss National Science Foundation to conduct visiting research at the University of Geneva. This research visit served to conduct water-energy-food nexus studies on Aral Sea basin of Central Asia. At the same time, he started collaboration with Dr.Stephan Pfister from ETH Zurich, Chair of Ecological Systems Design. The result of the joint studies was published at Water journal in 2020.

  • After returning home city Urgench, Olimjon Saidmamatov widened the research coverage to the tourism industry, focusing on Aral Sea, ecotourism and Silk Road tourism which connected East to West. With supervision of Dr.Tobias Luthe (ETH Zurich), he was able to publish at Sustainability journal and in partnership with Dr.Peter Marty (ZHAW), he published a book chapter at Advances in Hospitality and Leisure (Emerald). Nowadays, tourism resilience research is work in process together with Tobias Luthe (ETHZ) and Dr. Romano Wyss (EPFL). At Urgench State University, tourism research group is formed which is a foundation to conduct projects on sustainability sciences.

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