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Regional Challenges in North-South Research Partnerships


12:00 - 14:00


Graduate Institute, Geneva

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Workshop Series: 2022 Annual Conference

Regional Challenges in North-South Research Partnerships

By Rahul Mehrotra, Graduate Institute Geneva

The goal of this workshop is to identify regional challenges in North-South partnerships and, on that basis, have an informed debate about evaluating the quality and impact of such collaborations. research projects conduct cutting-edge research by research consortiums from multiple disciplines in a North-South partnership. Local academic, civil society and policy environments influence the direction, implementation and impacts of this research. This workshop will present results from an internal survey to identify such regional challenges, focusing on Ghana, Laos and Switzerland. The findings will be discussed by an expert panel in a public event hosted at the Graduate Institute, Geneva. Participation at the event is possible in person at Auditorium A2, Maison de la Paix in Geneva or online.

Registration: Please register for the event to participate in person or online.

Online Survey: The hosts of the workshop are conducting a short online survey (5-10 minutes) to collect invaluable insights from current or former participants in Swiss-funded international research partnerships (for example: programme) on Regional Challenges in North-South Research Partnerships. Please take some minutes to participate in the survey.