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Annual Conference 2023: Decolonizing Swiss Research Collaborations

Decolonizing (N-S/Swiss) Research Collaboration: Efforts, Challenges, and Effects

On May 5th 2023, the KFPE held its annual conference in collaboration with the SUDAC and SOR4D programmes. We focused on processes of decolonizing research partnerships. On this website you will find information about the conference and the online workshop series.

Demands to decolonize relationships, practices and knowledge have increased in the last years. These demands have been raised due to persisting prejudice, repression and inequalities rooted in colonial legacy, and they touch all spheres of society, including science. At this year’s conference we want to discuss

  • What does it mean to decolonize research collaborations?
  • What is needed to decolonize Swiss research collaborations?
  • What can we do to decolonize research, teaching and collaborations?

The conference consisted of two parts: a series of online workshops in the period of April 19- May 31 and the conference in Bern on May 5.

Conference 5 May

The aim of the conference on May 5 was to bring together all actors interested in the debate on decolonizing Swiss research collaborations. We had a diverse and interactive programme providing different perspectives on decolonizing research collaborations, presenting different practical approaches and stimulating discussions among participants.

Online Workshop Series April 19 - May 31

In addition, we hosted a series of interactive and inspiring online workshops in the period of April 19 - May 31. The aim of these workshops was to bring together professionals involved in Swiss North-South research collaborations, to promote exchange on the topic of decolonization and discuss ideas or promising practices to tackle this demanding challenge. The workshop topics have been proposed by professionals involved in North-South research collaborations and cover a wide range of issues related to decolonizing collaborations. All workshops took place online.


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