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Belmont Forum Collaborative Research Actions (CRAs): Climate, Environment and Health II

Call for proposals

The Belmont Forum has launched a call for proposals addressing the climate, environment and health nexus. The deadline for pre-proposals is July 15, 2023.

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The Belmont Forum is an international partnership of funding agencies, international science councils and regional consortia that mobilises funding for environmental change research. It is committed to the advancement of transdisciplinary science. Scientist and stakeholder support is made possible through Collaborative Research Actions (CRAs), which are the Forum equivalent of a call for proposals.

The Belmont Forum has designed the current CRA "Climate, Environment and Health II" to strengthen and expand the current scientific understanding of links between climate variability, change, environment, and health impacts. The focus will be to address research priorities in LLMICs and underrepresented groups through the participation of indigenous peoples, local communities, and civil society (including NGOs) to implement sustainable platforms and promote capacity development between the global North and South.

Call themes:

Theme 1 – Decision-science of environmental behavior and implementation
Theme 2 – Food, Environment, and Biological Security
Theme 3 – Climate Risks to Ecosystems & Populations

Eligibility and timeline

Proposals must be eligible to receive funding from at least three participating Partner
Organizations established in three different countries and should include researchers from the
natural sciences (including climate), health/medical sciences, social and economic sciences or
humanities, as well as societal partners (i.e. public health organizations, civil society
organizations, and non-governmental organizations). Researchers and societal partners from
countries not supported by any of the partner agencies can participate in the research project
at their own expense.

A total of 15 funders from 9 countries have committed up to over €12 million in cash plus
additional in-kind resources for this call. The call aims to support as many projects with the
funds available between three- to four-years in duration.

This call has a two-stage submission process. Deadlines for submission are:

  • Pre-proposal (mandatory for full proposal submission) is due on 15 July 2023, 20:00 UTC and must be submitted online at
  • Capacity Building Activities and Collaborative Networking activities will begin in January and continue to December 2023. These activities and projects are voluntary and are designed to enhance each consortia’s proposal.
  • Full proposals to be submitted online by January, 2024

All proposals must be written in English.

More information:

Call website
Call document
Information for applicants from Switzerland