La KFPE è il punto d’informazione centrale per la ricerca globale in Svizzera. S’impegna per una collaborazione di ricerca efficiente ed efficace su un piano di parità con paesi in via di sviluppo e in fase di transizione. Così contribuisce allo sviluppo duraturo e alla soluzione di problemi locali e globali.di più

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When Western meets Indigenous in Sustainability Science, from theory to practice - Part 1

Future Earth Pathways Initiative



This unique two-part online forum will explore insights from both community collaborators and Indigenous researchers on what do scientists need to know before and when working with Indigenous communities?

pathways forum #13

Part 1 asks the question: What do scientists need to know before and when working in and with Indigenous communities? This will spotlight reflections from the perspective of those with direct experience of living or working with Indigenous communities. Speakers will discuss what it means to ethically engage with Indigenous knowledge holders and how they navigate their responsibility to develop reciprocal relationships with these communities in ways that do not perpetuate extractive, colonial frameworks. In Part 2, our focus will shift to a reflection on the challenges confronted by Indigenous researchers when working within Western institutions. The practice of braiding Indigenous and Western sciences makes it necessary to confront institutional power dynamics and reconsider how researchers define, construct and use knowledge within sustainability science. Part 2 speakers and time will be released soon.

These webinars are organized by Future Earth in collaboration with the Ocean KAN and the Future Earth Taipei Hub.


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