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Utilization of research knowledge in transformation pathways towards sustainability

Co-creation of research knowledge between academics and non-academic stakeholders, contributes to sustainable development and societal transformation. Based on a survey conducted among 43 international research partnership projects, this policy brief

Saric et al. Sustainability
Synergising Research and Service Activities at Swiss Research Institutions to Accelerate Sustainable Development

Research that takes a pro-active role in bridging science and practice holds promise to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. While passing on best practices outside of academia, inspiration

Programmi di cooperazione bilaterali della Confederazione nella ricerca e nell’innovazione con Paesi extraeuropei 2021–2024

Il Messaggio sulla promozione dell’educazione, della ricerca e dell’innovazione negli anni 2021–2024 prevede la continuazione dei programmi di cooperazione bilaterali con Paesi partner al di fuori dell’Europa, lanciati nel 2008.

MDR 40 2
Mountain Research and Development Vol 40, Nos 1 and 2: Mountain Biodiversity and Sustainable Development

Two new issues of MRD are complete. Vol 40, No 2 focuses on the role of mountain biodiversity for sustainable development. Papers from various world regions offer further evidence of

Variety is the source of life: Agrobiodiversity benefits, challenges, and needs
Variety is the source of life

For millennia, humankind’s food security and resilience were ensured by thousands of cultivated plant species, dozens of domesticated animal species, and the wider biodiversity from which they derive. But with

UKRI-KFPE Workshop
Working in Effective Partnerships to Address Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2018, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and the KFPE held a joint workshop in Tanzania. The purpose of which was to bring together researchers and stakeholders from the

Plenary - KFPE International Conference 2018
Stronger integration and dialogue between science and society for the SDGs

More than 70 high-level decision makers, scientists, NGO and funding agency representatives gathered to celebrate 20 years of KFPE Guidelines at the conference “Leveraging Research Partnerships for Global Challenges”. A


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