Die KFPE ist die Dialogplattform für globale Forschungspartnerschaften in der Schweiz. Sie engagiert sich für eine effiziente, wirksame und gleichberechtigte Forschungszusammenarbeit mit Ländern niedrigen und mittleren Einkommens. Sie leistet damit einen Beitrag zur nachhaltigen Entwicklung und zur Lösung globaler und lokaler Herausforderungen.mehr

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Science for Diplomacy

The ETH Zurich and the University of Geneva establish in the internationally renowned city of Geneva the Lab for Science in Diplomacy
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In regions where there are no or poorly established diplomatic channels, scientific collaborations can have a beneficial effect on political relationships by fostering confidence, partnerships and mutual building of trust. The types of research partnerships that today may fall within the definition of science-for-diplomacy collaborations have existed, however, for the largest part of the century. They include transnational research partnerships, some of which are characterised by structural inequalities and a mismatch in their bargaining power (e.g. HICs vs LMICs). Moreover, research partnerships have beed employed as instruments for peacebuilding for decades, for example in the Arab-Israeli conflict.
The aim of this project, carried out by Jasmina Saric (Swiss TPH), is to establish a comprehensive baseline account of practices, thematic areas and regions where “science-for-diplomacy” type collaborations have proven effective. A first project phase, carried out in 2023, aims to (A) describe today’s Swiss science diplomacy ecosystem; (B) assess its value; and (C) identify areas that could be strengthened and the means to do so. A second phase, envisaged for 2024, will focus more on how science diplomacy is defined and instrumentalized in African LMICs. Using several case studies of Swiss science-diplomacy relations with specific African countries as examples, the project aims to identify benefits and obstacles of engaging in science-diplomacy relations. The project was initiated by the KFPE and is carried out in collaboration with the international cooperation office of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences.

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