Berichte zu vergangenen Veranstaltungen

Research Fair Overview 4
Forschung und Innovation als Treiber einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung gemäss Agenda 2030

Forschung und Innovation spielen sowohl bei der Planung der Massnahmen als auch bei der Verwirklichung der Nachhaltigkeitsziele eine Schlüsselrolle. An der zweiten Research Fair, die gemeinsam von der DEZA und

UN Car - conflict sit
Doing research in conflict areas: being sensitive to conflict and managing risks

Researchers working in conflict-affected areas need to be aware that the political and security situation in their study area may change very quickly. Should the situation deteriorate, they and their

Energie und Technologie (Symbolbild)
LEMONOC Conference, 22nd-Sept-2015, Brussels and Videos

On 22nd September 2015, the LEMONOC conference in Brussels addressed the potential and challenges of learning mobility between the ‘Global South’ and the ‘Global North’. More than 60 stakeholders from

Panel Jubiläum KFPE 2014
Research Partnerships for Sustainable Solutions in Governing the Extractive Industries

With its anniversary conference, the KFPE addressed the topic of extractive industries through the lens of science and research partnerships. It did so by presenting reflections and results from case

Landschaft (Symbolbild)
How Research Partnerships with Developing Countries Contribute to Swiss Research and the Swiss Economy

Research partnerships with developing countries are meaningful because partners from both the South and the North can expect significant added value from their collaboration. Successful research partnerships generate high-quality local

What makes development oriented research partnerships effective - bild1
What makes development oriented research partnerships effective? -> Looking back to move forward

Research partnerships are meaningful when partners can expect significant added value from their collaboration. Successful partnerships are based on mutual interests, trust and a shared vision. Partners are confronted with


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